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How to Lose Weight with Virgin Olive Oil


How to Lose Weight with Virgin Olive Oil

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Excessive weight gain is dangerous to your immune system. Get familiar with how you can leverage olive oil to maintain overall health.

Perhaps you are looking to lose some weight. You’ve heard about the positive effects of olive oil intake regarding weight loss, but you need more enlightenment. You are in luck today.

This article talks about how much olive oil you should take to maintain a healthy body weight. You will also learn about the health benefits of olive oil.

What Is Olive Oil?
Olive oil is popularly tagged as extra-virgin olive oil. This natural oil has antioxidant properties present in coconut oil, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids known as oleic acids.

It is worthy of mention here that monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are the major types of healthy fats available in olive oil. So you need not worry that they will be harmful to your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Olive Oil?
Aids Fat Loss
The common factor with overweight persons is that they take unhealthy foods. Check around and you’d discover people prefer foods rich in carbs and calories.

You should be aware that carbs and calories are fat sources. In fact, you tend to feel hungry after taking such foods. And more unhealthy foods trigger cardiovascular disease and less functioning of the digestive system.

On the other hand, olive oil cake is rich in MUFA. And it has fewer carbohydrates. This does not only help to improve metabolism. It is also the best diet to lose weight within a reasonable period of time.

Olive Oil Helps To Prevent Stroke
According to a body of research by the American Academy of Neurology, taking olive oil shots helps to fight the occurrence of stroke in older people.

Generally, the major causes of stroke are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Olive oil contains dietary fats, so there is an assurance that you won’t have to battle stroke or associated conditions like poor brain health.

Prevention of Heart Diseases
If you want to shed weight, you must make some sacrifices. For instance, you must avoid fat-saturated or most calorie-dense foods like butter, margarine, and dairy fats. The question that arises here, therefore, is what should replace these foods?

According to the American Heart Association, olive oil is the best alternative in this regard. It is a natural oil extracted from fruits like vegetable oils. A study by the American College of Cardiology shows that people who consume not less than half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil are at lesser risk of heart disease.

How Can You Use Olive Oil For Weight Loss?
If you want to maintain a healthy weight using olive oil, you should include it in your diet. Here are some healthy foods and how to combine them with olive oil for weight loss.

Use Olive Oil and Lemon
When your body accumulates toxins over a period of time, you are likely to experience a disruption in metabolism and hormone function. In the same vein, toxins are a well-known causative factor of weight gain.

However, when you take a combination of olive oil and lemon juice, you can eliminate toxins from your body.
Scientists reveal that lemon contains Hesperidin. Hesperidin is a flavonoid that helps the functioning of lymphatic drainage. And it also helps with the retention of liquids in the body.

How should you combine olive oil and lemon? At breakfast, get half a lemon and olive oil juice. If you are consistent with this culture, you will see improvements in your body weight after a period of time.

Combine Olive Oil with Ginger
Ginger is an excellent fat burner. When you take it on an empty stomach, it stimulates metabolism and gets rid of toxic waste in the body. Further, ginger sharpens the functioning of the nervous system which in turn triggers the systems that produce energy.

Alternatively, you shouldn’t hesitate to add ginger and olive oil to your salad whenever you are making it. You are bound to shed considerable weight using this method.

Olive Oil with Salt and Cucumber
Cucumbers are a great option to lose body fat. They have a large concentration of fiber. And fibers prove to help eliminate toxins from the body.

Additionally, cucumbers have a lot of water in them. What this means is that they have lesser calories and you can therefore maintain a healthy weight.

If you want greater results, you can add salt and a small volume of olive oil to some cucumbers. Your weight loss journey is about to take a giant leap.

Green Shakes and Olive Oil
Smoothies are common among people looking to lose some weight. These shakes contain a lot of fibers and minerals which help to eliminate toxins and keep body weight in check.

What makes green shakes more appealing is that they are affordable and easy to make at home.

But what if you could further leverage the potential of green shakes? You can add some quantity of olive oil to your smoothies and lose weight faster.

It is also worth of mention that a combination of olive oil and green shakes helps in detoxification.

How Much Olive Oil Do You Need Each Day For Weight Loss?
You are now aware that olive oil nutrition can help with weight loss. But a question still lingers in your mind. What amount of olive oil should you take per day to lose weight?

For the best results, don’t take more or less than one tablespoon of olive oil per meal (bear in mind that one tablespoon of olive oil contains 1.9 milligrams of vitamin E). Also, don’t be tempted or desperate to lose extra kilos if you take too many tablespoons of olive oil.

To Sum Up
Apart from its anti-inflammatory effect, it is true that olive oil can help in your weight loss journey. However, you shouldn’t make a mistake peculiar to many people. They are desperate to lose weight and they start looking for a quick fix.

You must always remember that healthy weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. Be dedicated to taking olive oil consistently and reduce fat intake. For sure, you will begin to see results in a short while.

Additionally, the preservation of olive oil is crucial if you want the best quality. Olive oil must be kept at room temperature.

Above all, you should complement olive oil intake by exercising regularly. Avoid precooked foods and limit the number of daily calories you consume to 2000 kcal. And make sure you are faithful to a healthy diet.

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