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Biblical Satan, is it different from the human body (ego)? – okyeame Kwame


Biblical Satan, is it different from the human body (ego)? – okyeame Kwame

When I was a child, I blamed Satan for all the bad things I did. Being dishonest, stealing meat from the soup, keeping my mother’s change, and going to watch movies when I was to be in school. All these were through the machinations of Satan.   I grew up and realized that all the bad I do now are of the ego which is in my body. 

This body of mine is the selfish being that wants to overeat, cheat on my wife, lie to others, wear expensive clothes, travel business class at the expense of honesty, compete, be the most powerful, be the most popular, destroy it’s enemies and become number one by any means necessary. 

These are all the doings of the religious Satan. The Shemite and European religions preach. This Satan lies and gets people to become greedy. Satan tries to separate Man from his God and make man selfish and the human ego seeks to achieve the same thing. 

My question is, is there a difference between the ego and Satan? 

I see no difference. These are my reasons ;

1 According to the Bible, revelations 12 verse 7, Satan became arrogant and challenged God. It looks to me like, the body became arrogant and challenged the spirit. 

2: Matthew 4:1-11. After Jesus fasted for 40 days, Satan tempted him. How? He asked him to turn stone into bread. Could it be that the body was hungry? 

He asked him to jump over the mountain. Could it be that he was tired and his body wanted to jump down quickly? And then Satan quoted a very interesting verse Genesis 1:26 to 28. He said it is written that this whole earth has been given to me. 

It is important to note that God gave this dominion to man aka Adam aka the body or the ego. Instead of Satan, could it be that the body of Christ was reminding the Spirit that the dominion over the physical belongs to him? 

3 . Isaiah 45 verse 7 explains my point clearly. God says He creates darkness and light. The light is of the spirit but the body is naturally of darkness. 

I have not seen a thing that Satan has done. All the darkness in this world is caused by man. Corruption, war, embezzlement of national funds, mass killings, trans-Atlantic slave trade, mass poisoning, raids, holocaust, human sacrifices, and terrorism are all caused by greedy humans but Satan is blamed for them. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us of the fruits of the Holy Spirit which are love and goodness. To overcome satan(body) means to shine the light of Christ (love) in yourself and on others. 

The body must be a slave to the mind before one can be truly kind. 

I honestly think that blaming Satan for all the terrible things we do is infantile and irresponsible. We must learn to bring an ending to the known. The ego must be understood and its energy must be managed intelligently. 

To me, Satan and human bodies are one and the same. To conquer the greedy desires of the body means to conquer the trappings of Satan. 

My question: Do you agree or disagree?

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Credit: okyeame Kwame

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